человек без адреса
There isn’t a minute in the day I don’t think of you
There isn’t a silence that you don’t lack
When I see you I can’t resist
I would give everything to love you
There isn’t a second that I don’t want to comply
And there is nothing that I don’t want to confess to you
They are three words that I don’t know how to say
And that I lose at looking at you
I don’t want to silence my heart
Break the silence
I don’t want to wait because the love
Will arrive at last and leave with out saying goodbye
The night passes in white and at dawn
Alone I awake from the same dream
How many walks remain to recollect
To escape from this hell
Until the world ends I will be here
I will follow you until I find you
With the stars and the moon I would give
Three words that before I could not pronounce